Dwight Howard Wants Us To Call Him ‘Flash’ Instead Of ‘Superman’ Now

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Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard is famously fickle. He has a history of making bold decisions that don’t always work out to his benefit. When he chose the nickname “Superman,” one that Shaquille O’Neal had claimed years earlier, the two giants clashed over Howard’s cribbing.

Then, Howard won the Dunk Contest as Superman, and things were cool. The public took to it, and Shaq was in his twilight with less of a claim to the moniker.

As a trade took Howard from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets, that restlessness set in once more. He needed a new thing, maybe something less heroic, but still a hero. You can’t just downgrade from Superman to mortal:

“But when he came to the Rockets, he wanted a change… he said he no longer wanted to be called Superman, he is now Flash out here in Houston.”

Even more fantastic, Dwight’s created a custom “Flashmobile” to commemorate his name change and the whole having-lots-of-money-to-buy-cars-themed-by-nicknames thing. Take a look at some of the tricked-out additions to his cherry red Dodge Charger.

The only problem? There’s another star in the twilight of his career who just happens to go by “Flash” himself. I wonder if he’s been consulted on Dwight’s recent superhero epiphany.

(Via TMZ)