Dwight Howard Loves New York, But He Was Never Going To The Knicks

12.29.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

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The Knicks’ plan in free agency this past offseason seemed to involve gambling that stars who appeared to be past their prime had something left in the tank. New York’s huge free agent signings over the summer were Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, two players whose on-court performance was negatively impacted by injuries over the last few years.

Rose has shown that he might be “back.” Noah, meanwhile, hasn’t really looked like his old self. The Knicks have Kristaps Porzingis in the frontcourt, so this isn’t necessarily a huge issue, but it’s fun to wonder what would have happened if New York targeted, say, Dwight Howard in free agency.

Why Howard? Outside of fitting the “older star who maybe had something left in the tank” description, Howard was reportedly interested in joining New York this past offseason. It would be an interesting fit, but it’s hard to argue that Howard wouldn’t have been a massive upgrade over Noah.

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