Why Would The Celtics Want To Trade For Dwight Howard?

02.03.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
dwight howard


The Boston Celtics are apparently desperate to make a move with the trade deadline fast approaching. Rumors have already surfaced of their interest in Jeff Teague and Al Horford, and now Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reports that they’ve also asked the Houston Rockets about Dwight Howard‘s availability.

Meanwhile, the Celtics have engaged the Houston Rockets in talks about a possible deal for Dwight Howard, the Daily News has learned. Howard can opt out of his contract this summer, and considering his back and knee issues, it doesn’t make much sense for Boston GM Danny Ainge to use the assets on a player with declining skills and a battered body.

As Isola notes, Howard really doesn’t make much sense for the Celtics, especially for the price the Rockets would probably demand. The Celtics have a bevy of future first-round picks, many of which figure to be in the lottery. Since the Celtics don’t have anyone on their roster that would interest the Rockets in a straight-up player swap, they’d also undoubtedly have to part with some of those picks to acquire Howard. It’s tough seeing them pulling the trigger on such a deal.

Really, it’s tough to imagine Boston would trade for Howard at all. The green and gold are not in any way desperate to win the title this year, so it’s not like they need a swing-for-the-fences deal to put them over the top. The Celtics are still rebuilding, and those picks are more valuable to them than any half-season rental.

(New York Daily News)

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