Dwyane Wade Might End Up In Los Angeles If He’s Bought Out By The Bulls

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09.05.17 2 Comments

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The Dwyane Wade sweepstakes may already be heating up, and he’s not even a free agent yet. It is expected that Wade will be bought out by the Chicago Bulls sometime in the future, and when he does, he’ll immediately be the most sought-after free agent in the entire league.

There are a bevy of rumors that Wade will end up alongside LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Udonis Haslem is going to try and bring him back to Miami for one last ride with the Heat, and Wade’s kids are enrolled at a school in south Florida. And apparently, if this all goes down, there’s a real chance that Wade would end up in Los Angeles, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Though ESPN reported that LeBron James’ camp expects Dwyane Wade to end up with Cleveland if he reaches a buyout with the Bulls, a Wade associate has been telling people that Miami and Los Angeles are also appealing destinations for Wade.

Jackson mentioned that his source also informed him that talks between Wade and the Heat weren’t going well when the guard decided to go to Chicago.

Additionally, Jackson didn’t mention which Los Angeles team would acquire Wade. The Clippers make the most sense right now, seeing as how they have a really good frontcourt but need guard help. But what happens if Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram combine to make the Lakers a formidable squad? And what if the team can get a superstar next offseason — like, say, LeBron — and Wade is given the opportunity to pick his spots on the floor? Suddenly, wearing the purple and gold might seem like an appealing option.

(Via The Miami Herald)

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