Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Agree The All-NBA Vote He Got Should Have Gone To Klay Thompson

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Dwyane Wade’s final season in the NBA included one small honor at the very end. Wade, who announced his retirement prior to the 2018-19 campaign, was placed on one All-NBA ballot as a second team selection. It was a nice way to pay tribute to Wade, but also, he thinks it was an incorrect decision.

Wade posted a video in which he addressed picking up the vote, and while he was glad that he got some love, he admits it should have been used a little more wisely.

“Whoever voted for me, I do appreciate you, but you definitely could have saved that vote for one of the people who deserved it,” Wade said. “I am appreciative of the appreciation of my last year, but I didn’t need the vote. But thank you. But I didn’t need it. But thank you.”

As for where that vote should have gone, both Wade and Gabrielle Union admitted they had Klay Thompson in an All-NBA spot, and while Wade was addressing the person who vote for him, Union kept popping in and saying Thompson should have gotten a nod.

“You know who needed it?” Union asked. “Klay Thompson.”

Thompson’s play certainly warranted a nod, as he had one of the best two-way campaigns of his career. Plus there was a major financial incentive for him to get on a team — Thompson missing out on an All-NBA squad means he’s not eligible to get a supermax extension, and when he learned this, he was visibly peeved. Getting Wade’s second-team vote wouldn’t have vaulted him onto an All-NBA squad, but as Union said, Thompson certainly needed all the help he could have gotten. And deserved it.