Phoenix Suns Head Coach Earl Watson Has Reportedly Been Fired (UPDATE)

10.22.17 7 months ago

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It’s been an unequivocally bad start to the 2017-2018 season for the Phoenix Suns. They dropped their home opener to the Portland Trail Blazers by a historically embarrassing margin, then sustained a 42-point beat-down by the Clippers on Saturday night to finish opening week at 0-3.

During that latest loss, rookie Josh Jackson made a finger-gun gesture at the crowd and hurtled an expletive, which will likely result in a considerable fine. Point guard Eric Bledsoe, who’s been the subject of trade rumors almost since he arrived in Phoenix, has obviously had enough, and on Sunday sent out a not-so-cryptic tweet that he’s ready to get the hell out of dodge.

It’s not clear whether the Suns are ready to oblige Bledsoe, but what is clear is that embattled head coach Earl Watson has been given the old administrative boot just three games into the season after a meeting with owner Robert Sarver on Sunday on the heels of Bledsoe’s disgruntled tweet.

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