Enes Kanter Says His Hate Toward The Jazz Was ‘A Little Harsh’

11.24.15 2 years ago
enes kanter


When Enes Kanter finally got his wish to be traded from the Utah Jazz, he wasn’t satisfied until he had burned some bridges on the way out. He ranted about how much he hated playing for the Jazz, and implied they weren’t a real NBA organization. Most damningly, Kanter said the only thing he’d miss about Utah was the mountains.

Well, it’s been nearly eight months since those comments, and it appears after flirting with being a true heel to Jazz fans, Kanter’s finally ready to walk his statements back. Before the Thunder roasted the Jazz on the back of Kevin Durant Monday night, Kanter had this to say on the shade he threw last season:

“I think maybe I was a little harsh,” he said. “Like I said, I just want to make it clear I had no problems with the other players or fans. I respect the guys. I think they helped me a lot during my career. … I have no problems with the players or coaches or the fans.”

For many Jazz fans, this may be too little, too late. There is considerable comfort in the knowledge that Kanter’s departure cleared the way for Rudy Gobert’s emergence, but no fanbase will have much love for a player who wanted to be traded and had nasty things to say once he finally was. Kanter doesn’t seem to agree, however, saying, “I think I’m over it and I think they’re over it, too. They can boo me or not. I can’t control it.”

Ask Jazz fans, and they might already be over it thanks to the aforementioned Gobert. Or, they might harbor a grudge until the Jazz actually make the playoffs. As of now, they have a losing record and a lot more boos for Kanter.

(Via Salt Lake Tribune and The Oklahoman)

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