Things Got NSFW On ESPN When Jay Williams Accidentally Drew This Image

ESPN goes all in for the build-up to the NCAA Tournament with constant college basketball programming across their many platforms and channels breaking down the bracket, but you can only do so much actual analysis about the games before you have to get creative in filling time.

Enter “Brack-tionary.” Over on the Deuce, ESPN had some of its college hoops analysts play “Brack-tionary,” which is Pictionary, but all the clues are related to this year’s bracket. Jay Williams is very good at his job as an analyst, but we learned on Tuesday that he is quite bad at Pictionary and took the game to an NSFW place for a brief moment.

Williams was trying to draw Grayson Allen for the clue “Duke Blue Devils,” which meant he was trying to draw a stick figure tripping another stick figure, but it went terribly wrong and looked like two stick figures doing something very not basketball related.

Williams recognized his mistake and very quickly erased it, but not quickly enough. The problem with live TV is that somewhere, someone is watching and in 2017 they are watching with DVR capabilities. So, when you draw two stick figures looking like they’re having sex, that will find its way to social media faster than you can erase it.

(h/t The Score)