Evan Turner Wants The Bulls To Settle Their Locker Room Beef In A Boxing Match

01.26.17 1 year ago

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The Chicago Bulls are something of a disaster right now. On the court, the team has underwhelmed, as Chicago is hanging onto the 8-seed in the Eastern Conference. Off the court, things are even worse – Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade both vented frustrations about the Bulls to the media, and in response, Rajon Rondo unloaded on his teammates with a fiery post on Instagram.

Basically, it seems like Chicago is on the verge of a breaking point. No team in the league needs the All-Star Break quite as much as the Bulls, as everyone needs to just to get away from one another for a while.

There is another option, one presented by Portland guard Evan Turner. What if the parties involved in this feud –- Rondo and either Butler or Wade –- decided to get in on that one boxing pay-per-view that is headlined by a Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown bout?

Turner just seems to be in a punchy mood tonight. Not only does he want this boxing match, but he’s also interested in throwing hands with a few people on Twitter over his form on NBA2k and how many points he averages a night (warning that this features some NSFW language).

We’re never seeing a Rondo vs. Butler/Wade boxing match, at least not any time soon. Maybe in a few decades during some celebrity boxing match thing, but for now, something like a trade seems like it’s more likely than a 12-round bout between teammates.

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