McDonald’s Is At The Heart Of The NBA’s Biggest Offseason Controversy

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Truly one of the worst things in life is not getting what you want. You go to Chipotle and rats fall from the ceiling while you’re ordering your burrito. Even worse, they’re out of Coke Zero and an indifferent staff is unable to fix it.

Evan Turner knows the cold chill of fast food disappointment, and he’s not alone. The Portland Trail Blazers guard took to Twitter to call out McDonalds for taking an important item off its menu and found lots of support in his plight.


Many followers flooded his mentions to bemoan the loss of Orange Lavaburst, which created quite the outcry when McDonald’s originally announced it would leave its soda dispensers earlier this spring. Turner, who is clearly passionate about food, suggested a personal boycott of the fast food giant now that the drink is off the menu.

Turner wasn’t the only NBA star to bemoan the loss. Dwayne Wade saw Turner’s tweet and sent his own outrage into the social media sphere.


Note the timestamp on this Tweet from Wade. Unless he’s traveling outside of the United States, he’s scrolling through Twitter late at night and reacting to a tweet about McDonald’s. Turner himself saw that when he woke up Saturday morning and sent one final shot at McDonalds, suggesting they sacrifice another rare menu item at the fast food altar in order to revive his beloved orange drink.

This is clearly not the attention McDonald’s wants, but maybe it will be enough to spark a nationwide Hi-C Orange Lavaburst revolution. It’s a soda that contains zero percent juice, you know, but 100 percent love.