Someone Paid $299 To Play 1-On-1 Against Andre Drummond And Got Dunked On

Usually when an NBA player goes up against a fan in a game of 1-on-1 during the offseason and gets one over on them, the whole thing happens pretty organically. It’ll be at a basketball camp where children get embarrassed (see: Turner, Myles) or on a park where a player walks by, sees a game happening, and hops in (see: Green, Jalen).

We now have a new one thanks to Sean, known as @dangercant on TikTok, and Chicago Bulls center Andre Drummond. Apparently Sean’s held a long-standing belief that he had a shot to beat Drummond in a game of 1-on-1, and thanks to something called Celebrity Sports Academy, he was able to pay $299 to see how that would go. Credit to him, as it would have been very easy to just sit on the internet and talk about this instead of paying to get an answer, but you can probably guess how this all went.

Sean posted the entire video over on his Twitter account, and correctly said that he’s one of the few who get to say they’ve been put on a poster by an All-Star.

Both Sean and Drummond seemed to find the whole thing pretty funny, in large part because it is pretty funny. Kudos to everyone involved on being a good sport here.