Fergie’s Bizarre NBA All-Star Game National Anthem Drew Laughter From Draymond Green And The L.A. Crowd


The 2018 NBA All-Star Game got off to an extremely strange start on Sunday night in Los Angeles. First, there was the painfully long sketch from Kevin Hart and Rob Riggle (featuring Jamie Foxx, Adam Devine, Ludacris and Queen Latifah) prior to equally long player introductions.

Then it came time for the national anthems, with the Barenaked Ladies (or, Barenekkid as the P.A. announcer said) doing a solid rendition of Oh, Canada and Fergie doing the Star Spangled Banner. Where the Barenaked Ladies kept things fairly traditional, Fergie went way off book with her version of the U.S. anthem.

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It’s really hard to describe what Fergie did, but it led to one of the strangest in-arena scenes I’ve ever been a part of as there were legitimately multiple breaks in the song in which there was audible laughter from the entire arena — including Draymond Green, who tried his best to keep a straight face, but couldn’t.

The full version can be seen here and it’s seriously one of the most bizarre two minutes at any sporting event in quite some time. This will likely go down in the books with the Carl Lewis rendition as extremely weird anthem moments.

Twitter couldn’t believe what they were seeing on TV. Neither could the people in the arena, and memes were quickly born.

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