A Coach Fight Broke Out Between SEC Coaches And Both Sides Had To Be Separated

01.07.17 2 years ago

“And now the coaches are going at it!” is a phrase you don’t often hear in college basketball. But we heard just that in a game between two SEC schools on Saturday.

The Tigers led the Bulldogs by six at the half in Athens, with the buzzer sounding after Jordan Barnett missed a 3-pointer for Missouri. The initial scrap started when Georgia’s Yante Maten and Missouri’s Jordan Geist battled over the rebound after the whistle.

Because the half ended, both benches cleared. But the players came onto the court instead of heading to the locker room. Geist got bumped from behind by a few Bulldogs, and he didn’t much like that. Pushing and shoving ensued, and officials and each team’s coaches got involved trying to break it up.

That, of course, is when things escalated.

Georgia’s Kent Davidson and Missouri’s Steve Shields started going after one another, yelling and screaming in the middle of many people who seemed surprised this was happening at all. When they started shoving, everyone got involved again, suddenly needing to stop two grown men from scrapping on a college basketball court.

That’s some good old man scrapping right there. Both teams were given technical fouls for the incident.

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