Nobody Knows What They’re Doing In The Georgian League All-Star Game

For every sport but baseball (those weirdos), the All-Star Game is simply a collection of the best talent a sports league has available, playing for fun without trying all that hard, especially on defense. In the NBA, that amounts to a lot of sick-but-ultimately-meaningless highlights from uber-talented individuals with only token resitance. In the Georgian basketball league, the lack of resistance stays the same, but the sick highlights are a different story.

To be honest, we respect the gusto with which these players attempt three alley-oops in 15 seconds. None of the lobs are even that bad! But those dunk attempts, man. Those dunk attempts are nowhere close. There’s not much else to say about them, apart from the fact that we hope they learned their lesson and just bombed threes the rest of the game for the sake of the dozens of fans in attendance. But judging from the fact that the video was only 15 seconds long, there’s a decent chance they may have just called the game then and told everyone to go home and work on their dunking.

We can forgive Georgia, a nation of only 3.7 million people, for not having that deep of a talent pool to draw from, considering basketball is at best their third-favorite sport, behind soccer and rugby. Man, if you think the Pro Bowl is dumb, imagine how pointless a rugby All-Star game would be.

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