Gerald Green Slaps Suns’ Gorilla Mascot During Halloween Prank

There’s nothing like Halloween to bring out the best in NBA mascots. As part of a brief prank involving the famous Phoenix Suns Gorilla, the Suns team had to deal with a pop-up air horn “treat” as they were walking to the locker-room. Gerald Green and Archie Goodwin elected to use the fight response rather than fleeing after the surprise.

Goodwin didn’t really go after the mascot, he just instinctively put his arms up in the traditional pugilistic stance like he was ready to throw down with the Gorilla before realizing what was happening. Gerald Green, meanwhile, didn’t flinch, but instead started slapping the mascot until the poor Gorilla fell back in the recycling canister from which he sprung.

Goran Dragic provided the biggest yelp of the Suns group, and most of the players were understandably shocked by the Gorilla’s surprise appearance.

But man, don’t sneak up on Gerald Green.

[FOX Sports]

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