GIF: This Behind-The-Back Assist Proves Manu Ginobili Is A Warlock

01.23.15 5 years ago

The Spurs got crushed by the Bulls tonight with Derrick Rose performing a retro waltz at the United Center. The wily Argentinian Manu Ginobili got into the fun, too.

This behind-the-back pass after Patty Mills gets stuck picking up his dribble behind the Boris Diaw screen shows you Manu’s third eye — no, not his bald spot.

No one else on the Spurs roster is allowed to freelance quite like the 37-year-old and this is a good reason why. Bonus points to Patty for flipping in the high-arcing layup, or else it would’ve been a punchless bit of Manu flare.


Unfortunately for Manu, it was his only assist on the night and he was just 1-of-6 for two points in 18 minutes of middling action.

(Vine via BBallBreakdown; video via outsidethenba)

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