Gordon Hayward Skies For Chase-Down Rejection

The Jazz got beat by the Clippers, 96-87, Friday night, but they started off strong, opening up an 11-point lead after the first session. The Clippers eventually asserted their dominance over their less talented counterparts during the second half at Energy Solutions Arena. Despite succumbing in a disastrous final three quarters, Gordon Hayward got a filthy chase-down block on Darren Collison.


During a recent Q&A with Grantland’s Zach Lowe, Hayward answered some questions about his reign as one of the best blockers from behind in the league:

Grantland: Who is your top competition for the honor of King of the Chase-Down Block?

Hayward: Competition? I think LeBron [James] sets the standard on that.

Grantland: I feel like he’s dialed it back a bit, and that people are afraid of him now.

Hayward: Then I don’t know. I really don’t see that many of them. For whatever reason, guys just let people go. I always try to go for it.

Grantland: Nic Batum, maybe?

Hayward: He’s a good one. He’s really good at that.

Grantland: What’s your favorite one so far?

Hayward: Probably Chris Paul my rookie year. I mean, I got Chris Paul. That’s a big name.

Grantland: I don’t remember that one. I have to look it up on YouTube.

Hayward: Yeah, you should look that one up.

Hayward: Here’s the CP3 block they’re talking about:


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