Grant Hill Confirmed The Story Behind Why Tim Duncan Didn’t Join The Orlando Magic

02.15.18 1 year ago

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High on the list of the most fascinating “What Ifs” in recent NBA history is “What if Tim Duncan decided to join the Orlando Magic when he was a free agent in 2000?” Duncan was the centerpiece of the San Antonio Spurs’ dynasty over the last 20 years, but at one point, it looked like he was on the verge of joining Orlando in free agency.

Who knows what the fallout to this would have been, but obviously, it didn’t happen and the Spurs went on to become the league’s most consistently great team of the past two decades. If you believe Bruce Bowen, this was because of a policy then-Magic coach Doc Rivers had that kept players’ significant others from joining them on the team plane.

It turns out Bowen wasn’t kidding. Grant Hill, who at the time was a member of the Magic, not only confirmed that Bowen’s story was true while appearing on ESPN’s The Jump, but he revealed that he was actually at the dinner where Rivers let Duncan know that this is team policy.

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