Gregg Popovich Got Ejected For Telling A Referee To ‘Kiss My Ass’

11.27.17 5 months ago 4 Comments

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When Gregg Popovich gets ejected, he makes sure the officials know that he’s not happy. Just this season alone, he was tossed from games for telling off officials — in one, he said that someone was a “terrible f*cking referee,” and in another, he called a trio of referees “f*cking blind.”

Pop is notably, uh, willing to express discontent with things, whether it be referees or the fact that he has to give interviews after the first or third quarter of games. And on Monday night, he was his grumpy old self again, as he tore into the refs during San Antonio’s game against Dallas to the point that he was ejected.

Popovich was unhappy with something that occurred while the Spurs were down by 10 in the second quarter. So he went off, screaming at a referee and telling them to “kiss my ass,” which is extremely not ok and led to him getting the boot before the game reached halftime.

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