Gregg Popovich Revealed His Surprising Write-In Choice For President

11.08.16 1 year ago

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As Gregg Popovich gets older, he seems to care less and less about the formalities of the coach-media relationships — which is to say, he keeps getting funnier and funnier. Just look at how he confounded poor Spurs beat reporter Jeff McDonald:

McDonald’s question about the Spurs’ three-point defense is a valid one, and Popovich just tears it to ribbons with classic misdirection. We don’t have access to a stat about running shooters off the three-point line, if it even exists. What we can say is that Synergy Sports suggests the Spurs allow more catch-and-shoot opportunities to be unguarded than average. More likely, Popovich was just making it up to mess with McDonald and make him feel silly. Of course, because he’s Pop and he’s a sweetheart, he makes sure to pivot to take the onus off the reporter.

And what a pivot! Popovich is among the most politically knoweldgeable coaches in all of American sports, and he’s just as fed up with this election cycle as all of us are, and as scared as most of us are. As for his ballot selection, if enough people follow his lead and Nellie ascends to the highest office in the land, we’re pretty sure Pop will have a cabinet post. The Spurs are an international team, so maybe Secretary of State?

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