Gregg Popovich Made A Server’s Day With This Incredibly Generous Tip

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Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA and his success on the floor is matched by few in the history of the league. In addition, Popovich has garnered accolades for being a brilliant thinker on and off the floor and, by all accounts, he also happens to be a nice gentleman. Over the weekend, that reputation received another boost, as Reddit user named Good Guy Gregg took to the internet to share a story from a friend about Popovich’s tipping habits.

On the evening of Apr. 21, Popovich dined at “McEwen’s on Monroe” in Memphis and his party racked up a $815.73 bill. While that would be a big-time expense for many people in the world, Popovich, who earns an eight-figure annual salary, is more than capable of handling the cost. However, most people would not have tipped a whopping $5,000, but most people aren’t Gregg Popovich.

The San Antonio Express-News brings word that the restaurant is a spot that Popovich frequents while in town to play the Grizzlies but, at least for now, no one will fully confirm the tip. Still, the receipt above says it all and something inspired “Pop” to be quite generous on this particular evening. Tipping a massive sum for an expensive meal doesn’t automatically make Gregg Popovich a splendid individual but it certainly is a good deed and the jury isn’t exactly out what it comes to his leadership and overall standing.