Hannah Storm Was Left Stunned When An ESPN Reporter Disappeared From Camera On Air

Hannah Storm was just trying to talk about the Dallas Cowboys, but her ESPN coworker Todd Archer wasn’t having it. Archer walked off camera live on air on Wednesday, baffling the SportsCenter host as a segment about Tony Romo ended abruptly.

Storm was asking Archer about Tony Romo’s retirement, and reports that his locker was still in place at Cowboys team headquarters. Before Storm could even finish her question, however, Archer abruptly walked off camera.


“Meanwhile as the entire world knows Tony Romo decided to leave to pursue a broadcasting career and we heard yesterday about his locker still being intact and um.. I think I lost you. Did you leave… is… I… I… Todd is gone!”

Storm seemed shocked at first, but then let out a big laugh. The whole thing looked to be a technical error, like Archer thought his segment was over or he was no longer on camera. Check out Storm’s reaction once she realized Archer was gone.

“Maybe he went to look for Tony Romo?” Storm joked while the camera panned back to her and Tedy Bruschi in the ESPN studio.

“I thought the question was fine,” Brushi said, trying to keep the show moving. Archer has yet to tweet about it, though Storm did retweet the initial video.

It may not have been great television, but at least one person got in a good laugh over the incident.

(via BroBible)