Hoop Tracker Allows You To Chart Shooting Performance

Most young basketball players spend hours upon hours in the driveway, or at the park, getting as many jumpers up as possible with only a fleeting idea of how they’re shooting; we sorta wish Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had done this too. But now with Hoop Trackerâ„¢ — developed by tech startup Wireless Sports — youngsters, and professionals, can see how they’re doing as they practice.

There are two basic components to the Hoop Tracker: a watch worn on your non-shooting hand and a shot detector to be attached to the rim with a mounting pole. They work together to record a make or miss and whether the ball hits the backboard, rim or activates the the internal lever. An air ball doesn’t automatically get recorded — except by your friends; there’s actually an air ball button on the side of the watch so you can record that, too. The stats are then uploaded to Hoop Tracker’s software for analysis.

The Hoop Tracker records:

    Number of shots taken
    Overall shooting, field goal, free throw and 3 point percentages
    Short, medium and long range distance accuracy
    Left, right and center courtside accuracy
    Consecutive shots made and missed
    Points scored
    Duration of shooting session
    Calories burned

*Rebounding buddy not included*

Visit their site to learn more. The Hoop Tracker will later retail for $199 and is expected to ship Q1 2014.

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