The Hornets Broadcast Joked About James Harden’s Turnover-Filled ‘Quadruple-Double’

When the Rockets walked into Charlotte on Saturday to play the Hornets they probably weren’t expecting to get shown the door with a 108-99 loss on Saturday but that’s exactly what happened. The Hornets opened up the game with a 20-0 lead and that set the tone for most of the contest as Charlotte led the entire way.

Despite the loss, James Harden finished the game with a 30 point triple-double. These kinds of stat lines are almost normal for Harden at this point, but they’re still worth celebrating because of how impressive it is to consistently do it. One person that was impressed by it was Hornets play by play man Eric Collins, but in the late moments of the game he tacked on an important detail: it was actually a quadruple-double because Harden also had 10 turnovers.

Right as he mentioned that Harden was on the cusp of a quad, he throws a pass away for his tenth turnover. It led to some incredible trolling from the always-excitable Collins. When it comes to play by play commentators out there that love the team they call, Collins is near the top. He’s in the Hornets’ corner and you know it just by how excited he is whenever someone on Charlotte does something, but seeing him get downright giddy at Harden turning the ball over for a “quadruple-double” is hilarious.

The Hornets haven’t had much to be excited about this season with the franchise taking clear steps toward rebuilding and a youth movement, so a win over a contender at home is definitely a reason to celebrate. Collins got something a bit extra to enjoy on Saturday, though.