In The Place To Be: Live From NBA All-Star Saturday Night

Took me long enough. Some media members have been complaining all weekend about how this All-Star Weekend seemed like one of those high school Friday night bashes when the rents don’t tell you they’re bouncing until 9:30 that night, and you call up a few friends, they call a few friends, you hit up your beer connect, charge up the iPod and yet everything feels rushed and crowded. That’s what a lockout will do to you.

But here we are. I’m in the media section for All-Star Saturday night and will be here live blogging all night for y’all. So stick around because I’ll tell you some crazy stories, like how I was just nearly trampled by Ne-Yo and his entourage trying to get on the elevator.

*** *** ***

8:32 ET: To quickly recap, here’s how we got here. I spent nearly an hour on the freakin’ bus trying to get over. Traffic, a driver that seemed way too much of an airhead to be doing this and wrong directions (or something) all combined to make me extremely flustered and aggravated. Instead of getting here early like I planned, all of a sudden it was a race to get ready.

Anyways, I skip out on dinner, then decide to grab some, then am the first guy in line when the food runs out, then I come back out and there are probably 80 people waiting to get on the elevator.

8:35 ET: The Haier Shooting Stars are ready to go, starting with Team Texas…

8:37 ET: 42.27 seconds for Team Texas (Chandler Parsons, Kenny Smith and Marie Sophia Young). You know Parsons was feeling good. He lives 10 minutes away and told me yesterday he brought basically his entire hometown.

8:39 ET: Allan Houston though….

8:42 ET: We have a little break in action, so I’ll continue with my ridiculous travel story. As I said before, I was really late. It turned out for the better though. I went through security with Ryan Howard, which was almost as cool as meeting Ken Griffey Jr. but not quite.