Paul George’s Decision To Leave Indiana ‘Couldn’t Have Come At A Worse Time’ For The Pacers

06.23.17 2 years ago

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Despite early hopes that a deal could get done before draft night, Paul George was still a member of the Indiana Pacers when the NBA Draft wrapped up late Thursday night.

George’s decision to inform the team days before the draft that he would leave as a free agent after next season may seem like a best-case scenario for the Pacers and general manager Kevin Pritchard. The team won’t be stringed along by the will-he-or-won’t-he until the very end. George is leaving: get something of value out of his rental by another team.

But that’s not how it sounds now that the draft is done and a deal was not made. In fact, Pritchard’s post-draft press conference read more like he’s a jilted romantic partner trying to pick up the pieces and make the most of their newfound freedom.

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