Wolves Guard Jordan McLaughlin Got Kicked In The Face While Trying To Take A Three

There are a lot of ways to get fouled playing basketball, but typically, you are not expected to get kicked in the face while on the court. It takes someone messing up pretty tremendously to end up with a foot to the face but, unfortunately for Jordan McLaughlin, that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night against the Pacers.

McLaughlin caught a ball in the corner and pump-faked a shot, getting Isaiah Jackson to fly by on a late closeout. However, as McLaughlin took a dribble to reset for an actual three-point attempt, Jackson’s right heel caught him square on the jaw for one of the oddest (and more painful) fouls we’ll likely see all season.

The good news is McLaughlin was alright, more stunned than shaken up after having his jaw clipped by Jackson’s foot, and it maybe only made him stronger as he would hit a buzzer-beater to end the third quarter that tied the game at 90 going to the final period.