Isaiah Thomas Shows That He Has Ups With This Windmill Jam

Associate Editor

Ever since Spud Webb, basketball fans have been enamored with people who are shorter than six feet tall dunking. The last short dunker who captivated us all was Nate Robinson, who won three dunk contests and genuinely seemed like he could fly.

But since Robinson’s NBA career (which he is trying to start back up) came to an end, the league hasn’t really had one definitely great short dunker. Could Isaiah Thomas be the person who takes that title some day?

Thomas posted a video to his Instagram account of him and a friend in a gym. The Celtics’ guard, who isn’t exactly known for his ability to get up and throw down, tossed himself a pass that he caught inside the free throw line. Thomas went up, grabbed the ball, did a windmill, and threw down fairly easily.

His in-game dunking has never been a highlight of Thomas’ explosive offensive game, but if he can do stuff like this, maybe we’ll see him turn into an above the rim threat for the Celtics. It’s far more likely that he never really dunks during a game and just terrorizes opponents below the rim and from behind the arc, but hey, we wanna see Isaiah show off his ups.

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