Isaiah Thomas’ Son Was Super Excited His Dad Gets To Play With LeBron James

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All the prolonged drama surrounding the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade notwithstanding, it’s definitely going to make the NBA a lot more interesting next season. Much perspective has been lost amid the public spectacle that’s played itself out over the past few weeks, so it’s important to keep in mind just how much potential entertainment this has in store for us.

Irving, for his part, will be under tremendous scrutiny now that he got his wish to be out from under LeBron’s shadow, and Cavs fans will likely be chewing their nails wondering just how much time Thomas will miss due to his troubled hip, not to mention how he’ll fit with his new team, chemistry-wise.

But leave it to young fans to keep their eyes perpetually on the prize. So despite all the logistical concerns that accompany a blockbuster trade like this for all parties involved, one of Thomas’ young sons had only one thing on his mind when his dad gave him the news: Dad gets to play with best basketball player in the world.

Here’s what IT had to say about that very moment in his recent essay for The Players’ Tribune:

James, my oldest — I guess he really is his father’s son, because he asked the same first question I did. “To where?”

“Cleveland. They traded me for Kyrie.” And I’m pretty sure you know what came next.

“LEBRON! LEBRON JAMES! Dad — Dad. You get to play with LeBron James!”

Thomas, as he details in the essay, had a very different reaction when he first heard the news, one that he’s still grappling with. It also bears mentioning that LeBron himself and others around the organization reportedly had cooled on the trade after learning that his hip injury might be an ongoing problem. Regardless, it’ll be fascinating to see how they jell and how far they can go when they finally do hit the court together, and if nothing else, Thomas’ kids will be thrilled to get to hang around at the facility with the King.

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