Isaiah Thomas Helped Show A Fellow ‘New Kid’ Around Cleveland In This Kids Foot Locker Spot

Isaiah Thomas is nearing his debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers later this month, finally getting a chance to play after getting abruptly traded from Boston over the summer. He’s had plenty of time off the court to get settled in his new city.
“The New Kid In Town” project paired a child living in a new city with an NBA star doing the same thing. The first video features Thomas showing a young girl around to some of Cleveland’s coolest places. London Arrington, a Cleveland 10-year-old, moved to the city from Los Angeles six months ago.

“It was very hard for me to move because I really loved it there,” London said. It’s something Thomas can clearly relate to, as he’s said in the past he fell in love with Boston during his time there.


But the video shows that even if you love one place and consider it home, you can learn to find the good in your new home and learn to build a life.

It’s a cute spot that has a twist: London knows she’s meeting a “new kid” that hasn’t been in the city long, but she doesn’t know it’s going to be a 28-year-old NBA star.

The two got to make caramel apples and buckeyes in a candy store and check out the Cleveland Aquarium. It’s a really fun idea for a commercial, and a nice way to make everyone feel a bit like a kid again.