J.R. Smith Cavalierly Reposts A Picture Calling Caitlyn Jenner A ‘Science Project’

On Monday, in a historic, incredibly courageous move, Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair. Today, in a totally typical and idiotic move, J.R. Smith reposted a picture on Instagram calling Jenner a “science project.”


Smith has since deleted the post, but this is the Internet, where nothing can ever be fully erased. Since coming to the Cavaliers, Smith had mostly been on his best behavior, both on and off the court, so maybe it makes some sort of sense that J.R. would revert back to his old self with what couldn’t be worse timing.

This is hardly surprising behavior for J.R., unfortunately. His recent quality play does nothing to erase his many idiotic antics, the most recent of which was a backhanded slap of Jae Crowder.