Ja Morant Reacted To The Rock Bringing Him Up In A Promo On SmackDown

WWE went to Memphis on Friday night for SmackDown. This week, The Rock opened the show by cutting one of his favorite types of promos: The ones where he sits there and puts on a concert. While he didn’t have a guitar this time, Rock still had plenty of fun with the whole thing as he repeatedly made fun of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins ahead of their match in the main event of WrestleMania XL’s first night.

Because SmackDown took place in Memphis, Rock decided to have an anecdotal line in his song by bringing up Ja Morant. The twist: It wasn’t exactly a positive one, as he mentioned Morant’s multiple firearm-related suspensions when he addressed Rollins and said “you’re simply an embarrassment son / just like Ja Morant when he’s waving a gun.”

While Rock made it a point to say that he loves Ja, this is still quite a line to drop when you’re in Memphis. Well, word eventually got back to Morant about the whole thing, so he took to Twitter and posted a GIF in response.

Morant, of course, is unable to take the floor for the Memphis Grizzlies right now due to a shoulder injury he suffered in practice earlier this season.