Ja Rule’s Performance At The Milwaukee Bucks’ 90s Night Could Have Gone Much Better

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The Milwaukee Bucks thought it’d be fun to have a gigantic promotion for their game on Saturday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and in an effort to stir up some nostalgia, the team went with a tried and true sports promotion staple: 90s Night. We are not going to discuss any aspect of it other than the part that involved Ja Rule, because, well, yeah.

Ja Rule, who has had a rough go of it lately due to his involvement in the Fyre Festival debacle, was booked to perform the team’s halftime show. This sounds like fun, because Ja Rule has a collection of Certified Bangers™ that stand the test of time, and really, who wouldn’t want to listen to his verse on “I’m Real” while at a basketball game?

The issues were twofold. Number one, most of Ja’s music came out in the aughts, something he pointed out to the crowd. Number two, those in attendance didn’t exactly seem too stoked for his show.

In fairness to Ja, I am, perpetually, extremely ready to hear him perform music, so we’ll chalk this up to a rough evening. Also rough: The fact that Ja performed his set while Giannis Antetokounmpo tried to get some shots up, because he still had a basketball game to play.

The Bucks beat the Timberwolves, 140-128. “Always on Time” is still a good song.