Jae Crowder Is Upset Kevin Durant Heard All The Celtics’ Strategies For Beating The Warriors

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If there’s one dominant theme that’s emerged in the wake of Kevin Durant’s choice of the Warriors in free agency, it’s that it was a close decision. From everything he’s said, KD was legitimately torn between the Thunder, the Warriors, and the Celtics before he ultimately went with his gut and chose Golden State.

We know the hurt feelings in OKC, but it turns out there are some in Boston who feel a little salty about how the KDecision went down – namely swingman Jae Crowder. We’re going to reprint more of what he told Mass Live than we normally would, because he paints such a picture of the fierce pride the Celtics had in their competitive desire:

“We were the only team in the NBA to beat both (Cleveland and Golden State) on their home court — the only team in the NBA, the Boston Celtics,” Crowder said. “We told him that. We played him clips from both games and told him basically the scouting report of how we guarded Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson) — our entire game plan, basically. That’s what made me mad.

“We (expletive) told him everything we do to beat these guys, and we beat them, and he went and joined them… I felt like afterward, I was talking to Isaiah, like maybe after you sit back, you shouldn’t have told him everything, but who the (expletive) thought he was going to Golden State, realistically? It was like a slap in the face for us, basically.”

It seems like Crowder is firmly in the camp of those who believe Durant is taking the easy way out by joining the Warriors, but we’ll tell you this much — we can’t wait to see the two teams face off now, especially because Crowder will probably be guarding Durant.

(Via Mass Live)