James Harden Was Showered With ‘MVP’ Chants At The Club Following The Game 6 Blowout Loss

05.12.17 12 months ago 3 Comments


James Harden and the Houston Rockets are done playing basketball this season after a complete disaster of a Game 6 against the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night. Harden had just 10 points and seven turnovers in the 114-75 loss to the Kawhi Leonard-less Spurs, who now take on Golden State in the conference final.

But while the basketball world piled on the Rockets, Harden was out on the town. Social media reports of Harden on the town after the loss soon piled up, with photos and video of him at Houston clubs circling the basketball web.

Astute internet users noted that Harden was wearing the same outfit he had on in postgame after the loss. TMZ reported that Harden was spotted in the VIP section of Set, a popular club in Houston. Harden appeared while Travis Scott was performing in the club. Fans chanted “MVP!” at him despite the blowout loss.

According to TMZ, Harden later went to a strip club called Dreams. It’s easy to be critical of Harden after the loss, but this was obviously a plan that was in place long before the Rockets laid a collective egg on the court. Kylie and Scott were in town for a show earlier in the night, while the rapper also collaborated with the Rockets on a fan giveaway for Game 6.

Harden clearly hoped he would be celebrating a Game 7 against the Spurs. Now he’ll just have time to think about what could have been.

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