Jason Terry Interviewed For A Head Coaching Job Even Though He’s Still Playing

The Houston Rockets, and by extension, Jason Terry, still have a handful of games to play this season (maybe more, if they make the playoffs). That hasn’t stopped the veteran guard from preparing for next season, though. As Calvin Watkins of ESPN.com reports, Terry has already interviewed for the head coaching at University of Alabama-Birmingham.

“It went well,” Terry said. “UAB is in an interesting situation, the success they had, but Coach Haase’s immediate departure left that job open. I have deep roots in the Birmingham community — uncles, cousins, aunts — and so I’m very familiar with the area. So we’ll see what happens. It was a good meeting that I had.”


Terry said he isn’t sure yet whether he’ll retire at the end of the season, but he wanted to have options.

In any other work environment, this wouldn’t sound all that strange. People interview for jobs all the time, even when they’re at a different job. In this context, it’s a little weird, because Terry’s still contributing to the Rockets during this crucial playoff push (then again, it’s not like it’s James Harden or Dwight Howard interviewing for the job). It’s smart of Terry to keep his options open for what comes next, in case he decides to retire or in case another team doesn’t offer him a contract.

(Via ESPN)

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