Jason Terry Is ‘Retired’ Unless The Warriors, Lakers, Or Mavericks Call

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Jason Terry is a legend. He once got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy as a guarantee the Mavericks were going to win a championship and then he played a crucial role in Dallas first title in franchise history that same season. That kind of confidence is rare in even the NBA’s best players.

Terry spent the next few years of his career bouncing around providing veteran leadership in the locker room and the occasional 3-pointer, but age has caught up with him. He only played in 51 games last season for Milwaukee and he’s currently not on a roster. Terry would be great in any locker room, but he has to want to play again. He has the chance to being selective of his next scenario, if there even is one. During Saturday’s Mavericks win against the Rockets, Terry appeared on the broadcast and was asked about his playing status.

Terry made it clear. He is retired. Well, he’s kind of retired. There are three teams that Terry would be willing to play for. He’d, of course, want to go back to the Mavericks, but he would also consider it for both the Warriors and Lakers.

Shouts to Terry knowing that championships are what’s really important at this point of his career. He’s been everywhere and played for everybody. He’s started for teams, come off the bench for a title winner, and played the veteran leader. If he wants to go join up with the Warriors and win a title, or go run with LeBron James in Los Angeles, then why blame him? Do what’s good for you. Maybe even get another tattoo.

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