39-Year-Old Jason Williams Is Still The Flashiest, Most Entertaining Player In The Gym

That doesn’t exactly look like a guy who hasn’t played in the NBA for four years, does it? Then again, basketball wizards the caliber of Jason Williams don’t lose their preternatural skill, feel, and vision overnight. As made clear from his summer performance in the Orlando Pro-Am, “White Chocolate” still has it.

The video above, courtesy of Home Team Hoops, ends with Pro-Am coach Juan Bernal suggesting that Williams could still make an impact for a contender. Might the 39-year-old be considering a comeback? Don’t count on it, and we’re hoping Williams stays retired, too.

His departure from the league in 2011 came without much fanfare. Why? By the time Williams was waived by the Orlando Magic during the 2010-2011 season, he was a shell of the wildly flashy, incredibly skilled player who rose to prominence with the Sacramento Kings in the late 1990s – let alone the more subdued floor general who played a supporting part en route to a championship with the Miami Heat several years later.

We want Williams to stay the legendary flash-in-the-pan he’s been for over a decade. Though we’ve no doubt his basketball IQ could prove beneficial for younger potential teammates, his legacy would be best protected by staying retired. And not only does he obviously have enough left in the tank to keep entertaining the basketball world for years to come, but it seems only a matter of time before Williams’ teenage son carries his torch on the national stage.

Will White Chocolate 2.0 be as good as his dad? We can only dream.

[Via Home Team Hoops]