Police Had To Shut Down A Public Appearance For Desiigner And Celtics Rookie Jaylen Brown

11.08.16 1 year ago

Jaylen Brown is off to a nice start when it comes to his young NBA career, but the Boston Celtics’ rookie is apparently growing in popularity to the point where his legions of fans simply cannot be contained. On Monday, Brown was scheduled to make a public appearance alongside rapper Desiigner at a Champs Sports inside a shopping mall in Cambridge. In fact, Brown even announced the meet and greet on his Twitter account.

However, that appearance never actually took place. Someone must have underestimated Brown and Desiigner’s popularity, because the assembled mass of fans became so large and unruly that it became untenable.

In addition to videos and images from the event, reports swirled that pepper spray was used on the crowd.

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