Jeanie Buss Told Each Laker Player To ‘Leave A Legacy’ With A Personalized Bottle Of Tequila

Even if the Orlando Bubble is starting to feel more like a distance memory, especially with the quick turnaround start of the new season, that doesn’t mean the reigning champs are winding down on their title celebrations anytime soon. Soon, they’ll raise their 17th championship banner at Staples Center, adding to an already legendary legacy as one of the NBA’s all-time great organizations.

For LeBron, it marked his fourth title and fourth Finals MVP award, an astonishing feat for a player entering his 17th NBA season. For some of the younger guys — like Anthony Davis, for instance — it represents a legacy-cementing milestone in a young career, the culmination of lifelong pursuit of basketball greatness.

To honor that, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss decided to bestow her players with another personalized gift as they head into the new season with their eyes on defending their crown. Buss reportedly gave each Lakers player a personalized bottle of Cincoro Tequila, featuring their name, jersey number, and a special message.

After a productive offseason, the Lakers enter the new campaign next week on a quest to repeat as champions. They’re a considerable favorite to do so by many, but they’ll face stiff competition in the West, including from their locker-room rivals, who will be eager to prove that they are capable of seizing the crown of L.A.’s top team.