What Could Jeanie Buss’ Cryptic ‘Do Not Ever Underestimate’ Tweet Be About?

06.14.18 10 months ago 5 Comments

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The Los Angeles Lakers are entering their biggest offseason in years as they have the most cap space in the NBA and plan on trying to land the top two free agents in LeBron James and Paul George.

The contingency plan for those two not signing in L.A. is unclear, as they’ll have to fill their roster and cap room somehow — with an eye towards still having lots of space for 2019 to chase next year’s big free agents. That may mean signing players to significant one-year deals like the Sixers did last year with J.J. Redick and his $23 million deal.

Until the dust settles in free agency and the Lakers either come out on top or have to resort to Plan B, we’ll all be searching for clues into who will be joining Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and the rest of the young squad in L.A. On Wednesday night, Jeanie Buss caused NBA Twitter to put on their tin foil hats with a cryptic tweet that said “do not ever underestimate” before trailing off.

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