Jeff Teague Says His Ankles Are OK After Kyrie Irving’s Killer Crossover Put Him On His Butt

There’s only one reason Jeff Teague would tweet out what he did tonight, and that’s because he had the last laugh in Cleveland. Earlier in the game, during the second overtime session, Kyrie Irving crossed him up so bad by going behind-his-back, Teague fell to the floor.

The 6-2 Irving’s handles are legendary even before he’s reached 22 years of age. Only a couple days ago, the NBA released the top 10 crossovers of 2013, and Kyrie was featured in three of the top 10 spots. There’s just something about the former Duke guard that makes the floor slippery for his defenders. The ball is an extension of his hand, and his ability to manipulate the basketball belongs in a Magic show as much as a basketball court. Just watch as Uncle Drew puts Teague on his behind with yet another crossover.

Perhaps the craziest part, though, was Teague’s reaction on Twitter. Usually, in the machismo-laden NBA, players are loath to admit getting burned. But Teague’s game-winner perhaps made this this self-deprecating tweet possible.


Teague’s acknowledgement of Kyrie’s crossover aside, Kyrie Irving’s dribbling skills are mind-numbingly fresh. We just wish his team could match his brilliance. You watching LeBron?

What do you think of Kyrie’s crossover?

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