Jerry Stackhouse Opens Up About His Incredible NBA Fight Stories

If you’re new around these parts, you might not know this: Dime Magazine is filled with Jerry Stackhouse fans. Why? He used to knock people out, and had a reputation not only as a great scorer (and as a once future next-Jordan) but as someone who was never scared to put his hands on you. We once detailed the five best times Stack beatdown another player, and in this video he takes a trip down memory lane.

Stackhouse says his most memorable fight was the one he had with Kirk Snyder in Utah. Basically, Stack and Snyder got into it during the game, and so afterward, Stackhouse changed into some workout clothes, hunted down Snyder and dropped him. The only fight he regrets? The one that went down on a team plane with Christian Laettner.

Who was the toughest dude in the NBA during Stack’s era?

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