An Assorted History Of Basketball Jerseys In Rap Videos

There are different ways for music and sports to collide. They range from simple (a high-school team bringing a boombox into a locker room and blasting classic rock) to extreme (Nancy Kerrigan trying to sing, Shaq trying to rap, Master P trying to play).

Somewhere in between is one of the defining looks in music from the ’90s on: rappers wearing basketball jerseys in music videos. Though not always a staple, jerseys became a trademark look for musicians who wanted to be fashionable without having to wear a suit. In outdoor videos, they were the perfect replacement for a tank top. No matter where they were worn, they provided the artist an opportunity to either represent where they came from or who they admired.

In some cases, however, the jersey choice didn’t always hold up over time. (Sprewell, Jay? Really?)

So here’s a trip down memory lane in the form of a wonderfully disorganized look at basketball jerseys in rap videos.