Here’s Jimmy Butler’s New 6,000-Pound Boombox Aquarium

Jimmy Butler, the engine that drives the Chicago Bulls, likes to make style choices that say something about him, like taking out his rearview mirrors because he doesn’t look back. Well, his latest one reflects his love for music, and he got it courtesy of the fellows on the reality show Tanked. And if you know that show, that means you know he got an aquarium.

The video above is taken from the episode that will air on Friday, and it’s a preview clip of the reveal. Honestly, why they’d show the literal climax of the episode of the trailer is an open question, but it’s beside the point. Jimmy is EXTREMELY excited to receive his aquarium, which is in the shape of a boombox and plays music both into and outside of the tank. Just look at the scare he puts into one of the hosts when he yelps in delight:

That guy’s on a ladder, Jimmy! One more wobble and he could be a goner (or destroy the very nice fish tank he built for you).

Butler’s not the only NBA player to receive a giant custom aquarium from the Tanked boys. John Wall received a “lighthouse aquarium” in the previous week’s episode, and Dwight Howard got a giant tank for all his snakes. Butler’s might be the coolest, though.