J.J. Watt Took A Shot At LaVar Ball And Big Baller Brand To Promote His Shoe Release

07.14.17 8 months ago

Getty Image

J.J. Watt is the latest athlete to try his hand at the signature shoe game with his line of training shoes for Reebok. They’re pretty standard looking low-top trainers, with his logo on the tongue and not a lot of flash, because flash is the antithesis of grit and J.J. Watt would never want to be associated with a non-gritty product.

Even Watt’s logo is fairly unassuming, with a mirrored J and J next to each other that at first glance can be a bit confusing because it looks like a lowercase d and b with the font used, but once you get past that it’s fine. It follows the trend of every athlete’s logo being some form of their initials next to each other in a somewhat clever design.

Watt’s latest colorway dropped on Thursday night at midnight and he let his fans know they could get the all-black version of his shoe with a Twitter post. In the post, Watt subtweeted LaVar and Lonzo Ball and their Big Baller Brand line of sneakers that cost $495 by saying his $99 sneakers are significantly cheaper and more effective.

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