Seven-Time NBA All-Star Joe Johnson Hit Another BIG3 Game-Winner From The 4-Point Circle

07.14.19 1 month ago

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Joe Johnson is only one year removed from his last season of a likely Hall of Fame career in the NBA, and decided to join the BIG3 at 37 years old, where he has immediately become the best player in the league by, like, a lot.

Iso-Joe has seamlessly transitioned from being an effective NBA veteran — a reminder that in 2017 he was a driving force in Utah winning a first round series — to being the most dominant player in the BIG3, which might as well be tailor made for his game. Johnson has always been a great one-on-one player (hence the Iso-Joe moniker) and the 3-on-3 format gives him plenty of room to work, and when you combine the fact that he’s likely in the best shape of anyone in the league, and he can cook to the tune of 24.3 points per game (in a league where games end when a team hits 50).

Johnson entered Sunday’s action in New York leading the league in points and assists per game, and second in rebounds per game. Unsurprisingly, his Triplets squad is undefeated and on Sunday he added another highlight to his incredible BIG3 season as the 7-time NBA All-Star delivered another game-winner from the famed 4-point circle.

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