Joel Embiid Took Out His All-Star Snub Frustration On Nene With This Explosive Dunk

Joel Embiid is a delight in every way, but don’t tell Nene. The Rookie of the Year front-runner and recent All-Star snub took out all of his frustrations within the first few minutes of Friday’s game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets. Frankly, the result was tantalizing.

Embiid seems to be fully healthy after missing three consecutive games with an injury, and he showed off his incredible explosiveness here. The 22-year-old center took the ball near the top of the key, drove hard with his left hand and used two (incredibly) lengthy steps to cover the ground toward the rim. From there, Embiid burst into the air and finished a devastating left-handed dunk before Houston’s veteran center could put up significant resistance.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Embiid has put someone on a poster this season. In the same breath, this is a very encouraging sign for anyone worried about his health status in the aftermath of a significant absence, and given his history, any reminder of full health and explosion is a fantastic thing. Joel Embiid continues to captivate the NBA on a nightly basis, and this dunk indicates that there is no reason to worry about his short-term health.