Joel Embiid Is Actually Considering Bringing Goggles Back Into NBA Fashion

Joel Embiid is still working his way back from a left knee contusion and will miss at least two more games. But the Sixers young star center is back on the practice court working out, which is good because that means he’s nearing a return so we can watch him do awesome things with the basketball again. It’s great that Embiid is working out again because he is doing it while wearing goggles.

And here’s the requisite bad beat writer photographic proof:

Embiid confirmed the potential return of the goggles with a selfie on his Instagram story, asking fans if he should bring them back (which I assume will result in a resounding “yes” from the Embiid fanbase).

There’s no news of an eye injury or anything that would require him to go back to wearing goggles as he did briefly at Kansas, so this seems like a fashion choice from the big man. That would mean that two and a half years after promising to bring the goggles back, he is breaking them out of retirement like Jordan wearing the 45.

Embiid rocked the goggles early in his college career at Kansas, but has yet to grace the NBA court in his spectacles. This isn’t a Horace Grant situation, although if Embiid wanted to bring Rec Specs back I would fully approve as someone that once wore Rec Specs as a youngster, but more of an Amar’e Stoudemire aesthetic with the protective glasses look.

NBA players, like most athletes, are pretty superstitious about what they wear, so it’s interesting that Embiid would just add the goggles back to his look in a season when he’s played so well.