Joel Embiid Celebrated A Career Night By Wearing His Own Jersey To The Club

11.20.16 2 years ago


Joel Embiid’s historic rookie season of elite production on restricted minutes continues. On Saturday night, Embiid set a new career high with 26 points in 20 minutes, adding seven rebounds and two blocks to contribute to the Sixers’ blowout win(!) over the Phoenix Suns. With the Eagles failing to fulfill the promise of their early season and the Flyers wallowing in mediocrity, Embiid is the toast of the town. The best part is, he knows it.

Yes, according to one intrepid reporter, Embiid wore his own damn jersey out to Philly club Recess after the game. Because just in case someone in the joint wouldn’t otherwise recognize the seven-footer on the dance floor, he’s going to let you know.

Embiid’s star moment is happening thanks to his abilities, but he’s enhanced it greatly with his boisterous personality and genius social media presence. The Sixers haven’t been a relevant team for national games for years, even preceding the multi-year tank job that gave Embiid his nickname of “The Process,” but if they’re truly on their way to being good in the next couple years, Embiid will be a magnetic persona at the center of it. He’s already feeling himself, and we hope he never gets humbled.

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